With hundreds of systems already in use, our installation at your business or in your home is a breeze with Sun Bandit® Hybrid Energy Systems.

Gas or Electric, it doesn’t really matter…
Whether your current utilities are gas or electric, there is an efficient and seamless installation for your system. And in every case, you will be benefitting from your own, independent supply of hot water, compliments of Mother Nature.

STEP 1: Install your Sun Bandit® Water Heater
STEP 2: Install your Sun Bandit® PV Collector

Energy Storage Potential
Depending on the size and location of the system, an 80 gallon Sun Bandit® solar hybrid water heater with a water temperature of 160ºF can deliver 100 gallons of hot water at 120ºF to points of use — a 25% increase in energy storage!

No Grid Connection
Sun Bandit® operates with no grid connection to provide primary heating while electric, natural gas or propane serves as a backup – allowing it to work off-grid, and even during power outages.

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