Sun Bandit Across the United States

Johnson-Melloh Sun Bandit, Now in Indianapolis but Already Making a Difference Throughout the United States

Sun Bandit® solar hybrid energy systems are being distributed, installed and are reaping the benefits of natural energy across the United States and beyond. From the West Coast to the East Coast – in the South and North; businesses, homeowners and schools are benefitting from this unique system that provides an ample hot water supply – naturally.

Johnson-Melloh is proud to offer this viable system in Central Indiana. And to prove that this system is another step towards energy independence for our neighbor businesses, schools, home-builders and owners, we have two systems installed and operating in our offices located in Indianapolis. We encourage you to visit, learn more, and see the Sun Bandit® in person. Contact us to make an appointment!

The movement towards clean energy, and independence for businesses, schools and homeowners is happening across the United States. The following financing options, rebates, and other incentives are in effect, being considered or have been implemented, and by the looks of things, there are more to come:

PACE Financing Program- (commercial and residential nationwide where available)
HE Energy (Hawaii solar rebate)
CSI (California Solar Incentive)
Title 24 (specific to California building code)
NV Energy (Nevada Solar Rebate)

TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority E Score Program)
MASS CEC (Massachusetts solar rebate- PENDING)
MIM (Made in Minnesota solar rebate- PENDING)
Austin Energy (Texas)
NYSERDA (New York Solar Incentive)